Customer Name:
Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
Customer Engagement Title: AWS architecture planning, design and implementation
Customer Engagement Short Description:

TeraMach provided architectural and technical expertise in the design of the NRCan Chief Information Officer and Security Branch (CIOSB) corporate environment in AWS. TeraMach also provided hands-on support to NRCan branches for the deployment of several cloud-first projects in AWS. The project included:

  • Designing a landing zone architecture to allow NRCan to control and inspect traffic to/from the various AWS sub accounts.
  • Providing trusted advisor guidance to NRCan CIOSB in creating a robust future-proof cloud architecture.
  • Helping NRCan branches understand the capabilities of the cloud and which of their projects would be suited to start in the cloud.
  • Working with NRCan CIOSB and AWS to develop the Transit Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) architecture.
  • Working with the Surveyor General Branch (SGB) of NRCan to complete several projects including:
    • Duplicating an existing mission-critical three-tier web application and intranet site to AWS for proof of concept testing and readying the environment for full migration.
    • Deploying AWS Workspaces with customized images to provide faster access to ArcGIS users to the ArcGIS database.
    • Architecting and deploying several real-time systems that collect satellite data to be used in geodetics processes. These architectures where deployed on an as-needed basis, using scripts to provision the instances and install the application components when data was ready to be processed. Once data processing was complete the systems were terminated, and data moved on premises.


Customer Name:
Library and Archives Canada (LAC)
Customer Engagement Title: Digital Asset Management System (DAMS)
Customer Engagement Short Description:

TeraMach submitted the winning solution to LAC’s request for a DAMS to address the burgeoning amount of digitized and born-digital content that LAC preserves and makes available to Canadians. TeraMach proposed a SaaS-based solution running on AWS to provide LAC with a cost-effective, reliable, secure, scalable and flexible platform without the need to procure, operate and manage the required IT infrastructure. The solution included:

  • Architecting a scalable (multi-server) cloud-based solution that allows LAC to add capacity (connectivity, compute and storage) as required, while ensuring that LAC only pays for resources being consumed.
  • Designing and deploying the solution according to best practices to maximize scalability, reliability and security.
  • Adhering to LAC’s Canadian Data Residency requirement by deploying all compute and data resources within Amazon’s Canada (Central) Region.
  • Using Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) for compute resources and Simple Storage Service (S3) and Glacier for storage requirements.
  • Providing flexible connectivity options, including public Internet and direct connect at 1Gbps and 10Gbps speeds
  • Providing turnkey implementation and support.


Customer Name:
Ottawa School Transportation Authority (OSTA)
Customer Engagement Title: Migration of the IT and business application production to AWS
Customer Engagement Short Description:

TeraMach provided architectural and technical expertise in the design and implementation of the OSTA environment in AWS, and deployed technology transformation architectures for OSTA web and database applications. The configuration included auto-scaled web servers and back-end application servers leveraging AWS Relational Database Services (RDS). TeraMach also configured a secure FTP file transfer for a third party to upload files to OSTA without the need to connect directly to the servers using AWS Lambda and S3. The project included:

  • Migrating a complex multi-tier application to the AWS cloud platform from a service-oriented architecture (SOA) environment.
  • Deploying an automated snapshot service that incorporates snapshot lifecycle management.
  • Architecting, developing, designing and maintaining AWS production-grade cloud (database, servers and security) along with virtualization, networking, multitenant cloud infrastructures (leveraging VMware), storage systems and content delivery networks (CDN) to successfully migrate OSTA’s database and web applications to the AWS cloud.
  • Implementing the architectural design, migration and automation of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities, including VMware, virtual networks, cloud services, cloud formation templates, web sites and data services of the OSTA environment in AWS.
  • Implementing, administering and supporting the production deployments for OSTA, which involved the configuration of network infrastructure, setting up the virtual servers as well as cloud storage and configuration of cloud security and privileges on the AWS platform.
  • Designing a network mapping system that allowed the distribution and consumption of data to and from multiple sources (between the production and lab environment via the WAN TCP/IP networks).
  • Configuring a secure site-to-site VPN to the AWS cloud.
  • Migrating OSTA’s complex, multi-tier web and database application from an on-premises environment to AWS using cloud integration tools.
  • Developing technical architectures to support enterprise applications.
  • Evaluating technology solutions using cloud formation templates to support the production deployment of web-accessible applications on AWS.
  • Using CloudTrail and CloudWatch to view logs and monitor AWS resources and the client’s applications.
  • Setting up several servers in OSTA’s production environment to host its web and database applications.
  • Designing and setting up the network infrastructure along with cloud storage capabilities in OSTA’s cloud production environment.
  • Implementing a fully redundant high availability environment using AWS best practices.


Customer Name:
Ryerson University, Ted Rogers School of Business
Customer Engagement Title: Virtual desktop and BYOD using AWS Workspace
Customer Engagement Short Description:

TeraMach provided architectural advice and technical expertise on building a cloud-based desktop and application delivery solution that enables the university to stream desktop applications via a web browser and provide students with access to a full development environment online. The new architecture also allows Ryerson to simplify and automate its desktop and application delivery processes by leveraging AWS Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities, and eliminates the need to perform many of the administrative tasks associated with managing infrastructure and OS. The project included:

  • Providing technical advice on how to dynamically provision the necessary compute and storage power to support online workshops with hundreds of students.
  • Helping Ryerson build custom bundles to ensure students have everything they need pre-installed.
  • Providing guidance on how to integrate AWS Workspace with Active Directory, which gives Ryerson more control over and easier management of user access.
  • Providing technical advice on how to build streaming application services using AWS Appstream 2.0, which has further reduced costs.
  • Providing general guidance on AWS Best Practice to further secure, optimize and reduce costs in the AWS environment.