About Seneca College

Toronto’s Seneca College is one of the largest comprehensive colleges in Canada, offering more then 300 full-time, part-time and online programs. Since its inception in 1967, Seneca has grown to serve 27,500 full-time students and more than 70,000 part-time registrants at campuses across the Greater Toronto Area, York Region and Peterborough. Seneca ensures graduates are career-ready by combining the highest academic standards with work-integrated and applied learning, expert teaching faculty and the latest technology.

Walking the Talk

There is no better way for a higher education facility to provide the latest in learning than by ensuring, wherever possible, that they as a leading institution ‘walk-the-talk’. When if comes to leveraging the latest in technology, the IT department at Seneca did just that by seeking out the best solution and the most qualified solution provider to ensure the protection, management and accessibility of their institution’s coursework, student records and research data. After all, it is that rich array of data the forms the cornerstone of the renowned reputation.

In Seneca’s case, their collection of legacy IT products was nearing the end of its ability to ensure the integrity and availability of their valuable data. “With data retention requirements of up to 75 years for some records, it is critical that we have an advanced, single solution that will enable backup and recovery of distinct requirements across a wide range of data sources and file types,” said Roy Hart, Seneca’s Chief Information Officer.

Through a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process, TeraMach was the successful proponent to supply a flexible, trustworthy solution that would not only address Seneca’s data protection needs but ensure that the installation and management of the chosen solution would be seamless and certain to meet their requirements both today and tomorrow.

The TeraMach Way

Since 1996, TeraMach has worked with organizations across Canada to implement proven, scalable, technology solutions. Their focused approach and commitment to each customer’s unique needs has made TeraMach a solution partner that customers can trust.

TeraMach is a leading provider of technology solutions to the education and health-care markets as well as municipal, provincial and federal government bodies across Canada. But more than that, TeraMach is renowned as a team of professionals that go beyond the technology to ensure customers realize the benefits of each and every chosen solution. “We understand technology and how best to implement it, but what’s even more important to us is to provide a full transfer of our professional knowledge so our customers learn how best to use the technology to meet their unique needs,” said TeraMach CEO Hunter Li. “At TeraMach we are a team of professionals who care. We listen to our cus­tomers and work to build a long-standing relationship of trust so we can deliver the knowledge and the right tools so each customer is able to reach their goals. At TeraMach we build partnerships and we care. That is the TeraMach way.”

WIth a solid understanding of Seneca’s needs, TeraMach chose to work with theire trusted partner Commvault to deliver the ideal solution that would meet Seneca’s requirements. “We don’t solve each customer’s challenges alone. It’s an extended team effort with the industry’s best solution partners who care about our customers as much as we do. As a result we felt that the CommVault team and their Simpana® solution was a perfect fit for Seneca,” said Li.

The Simpana® software solution enabled Seneca to analyze, manage, protect and access their coursework, student records and research data more effi­ciently and with less complexity – all while providing Seneca with the confidence

“Over the course of eight years we have built a strong relationship with TeraMach,” said Rob Yelenich, Area Vice President, Commvault Canada. “Seneca College is one example of how our software platform can control costs for any infra­structure and reduce risk dramatically. The rapid growth of data in the educa­tion market, means they are having to rethink how to securely store, manage, protect and use their data cost effectively. Commvault, in combination with TeraMach, is helping organiza­tions react faster to business demands while making it easier for them to gain more value from their data.”

The Proof is in the Partnership

Like all good technology deployments, it takes a village of team members and partners to ensure a successful deployment – from choice of solution, through network architecting to product implementation. “TeraMach is a vendor of record for the Ontario Provincial government so we were confident in their ability to help us with the design and implementation of the Simpana® solution,” said Tobin Kunju, Seneca’s Director of Planning and Architecture. “The TeraMach team was professional and easy to work with. We appreciated the way they conducted business and how they supported us from start to finish.”

A Secure Future for Seneca

The initial engagement for this project with Seneca started in the spring of 2014 and today the implementation continues to deliver on the promise of policy-based protection and retention of their critical data. Seneca is now ready and able to handle any data growth generated by the addition of new applications or increasing enrollments. “We were pleased with the expertise TeraMach brought to the table,” said Kunju. “TeraMach led the way with the recommendation, design and implementation of a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leaders solution from Commvault.”

Seneca offers degrees, diplomas, certificates and graduate programs renowned for their quality and respected by employers. With their mission-critical data and the foundation of their educational obligation now protected and managed securely and effectively, Seneca is ready and able to continue delivering career-ready graduates to the global market.