Whether it is cloud based offerings, workplace mobility, or critical infrastructure and application services, TeraMach has a solution to keep your company secure.

As technology evolves, security systems must continually be redefined and updated to protect against emerging threats. The security policies and procedures that protect your company must be agile and flexible to adapt to today’s advanced and persistent threats.

Sophisticated cyber-attacks happen every day. To protect our customers against these threats, we provide them with continuous monitoring and complete visibility of their IT infrastructure. They need the ability to detect anomalies and rely on their security infrastructure to stop threats before they happen.

By focusing on Cyber and Network security, TeraMach ensures customers are ready for the new era of security threats in their data centre. Our Security framework ensures protection and awareness at every level of business. We have the services and technology to protect corporate assets and intellectual property, and to ensure operations are conducted securely. Even in the most challenging of environments, your data will be secure.

Our security framework focuses on five core practices:

  1. Identify
  2. Protect
  3. Detect
  4. Respond
  5. Recover


Each practice can be applied individually or as a complete solution. The framework can span the entire organization or be applied to a single initiative. TeraMach offers custom security architectures that address security concerns and compliance regulations while ensuring a robust, scalable computing ecosystem.

When it comes to securing your company against emerging technology threats, choose a company you can rely on. Choose TeraMach.

Security Solutions

Next Generation Security Architecture

TeraMach’s Next Generation Security Architecture introduces a multi-tenant infrastructure that is a policy driven security solution promoting clear end-to-end visibility and control of the data centre. This architecture layers security at all key junction points within the network as well as actively monitoring and protecting the systems within. As threats evolve and requirements change, this solution allows for a modular approach to ensure active threat prevention and continuous security monitoring.

Data Protection Through Encryption

Data loss or data leakage is possibly one of the greatest risks to an organization. Confidential data must be secured. At the heart of TeraMach’s data protection solution is encryption. Whether our customers’ critical data is at rest within their data centre, in flight across trusted or untrusted networks, or being accessed remotely from a device – our solution provides the strongest encryption algorithms to ensure only the right user and the right device are able to gain access to information.

Threat and Risk Assessment Services

Threat and Risk Assessments are at the core of understanding our customers’ business operations and vulnerabilities. TeraMach works closely with clients to explain our cybersecurity framework, identify security gaps, and create an action plan to prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities to ensure they continue to conduct their business securely. These services assist our customers in achieving regulatory compliancy and promoting cybersecurity awareness within their organization.


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