The demands of today’s work environment have created the need to access computing and data services at all times from all places.

Initially, this was possible through publicly available cloud services. Now, with the need for secure, protected, and professionally managed mobile solutions, we’ve returned to the privately managed data centre.

TeraMach’s mobility solution gives businesses the best of both worlds by leveraging the front-end applications to provide the geographical freedom to use these services anywhere while managing the data centrally.

What’s more, employees seldom work from one fixed location anymore. The modern workforce requires access to services and data from anywhere, at any time, from any device. This new way of service consumption, is one of the primary reasons for the recent explosion of private and public cloud services. TeraMach’s Mobility Services and Solutions enable our clients to either provide their own cloud services, or have us manage those services from their or our partners’ data centres.

These services and solutions are designed to be secure, scalable, with high performance, while at the same time being highly accessible. It is this accessibility that increases collaboration, sharing, and the creation of data lakes that open up new avenues for utilizing your  company’s data.

Mobility Solutions

Enterprise BYOD

TeraMach’s Enterprise Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)  solution provides a comprehensive architecture that addresses the critical elements necessary for successful End User Computing and BYOD implementations. These include smart devices that support a wide range of mobile apps, high-performance network infrastructure that allows for wired and wireless access, centralized network and policy management, and end-to-end security assurance. Our services and solutions include such features as an App Store, Enterprise Device Management, File Sharing, Collaboration and Desktop Virtualization.

Virtual Hosted Desktop

TeraMach’s Virtual Hosted Desktop solution enables users to access all their desktop functionality anytime, anywhere, using any device. The virtual desktop solution includes a desktop architecture design resulting in optimized desktop delivery while reducing the cost of managing desktops.  We offer a complete desktop re-architecture and business transformation experience.  Using industry leading pre and post-virtualization quantitative performance analysis tools, we provide a proven Virtual Desktop solution that integrates best of breed hardware, software, and services.

Next Generation File Services

TeraMach’s Next Generation File Services (NGFS) solution integrates an enterprise file sharing approach which requires strong security, scalability, and reliability with cloud-based file sharing that is geographically distributed.

Our Mobility Partners

Working with the industry’s best and brightest to deliver the best solutions possible.