Data Centre infrastructure is at the very core of what we do. Since opening our doors in 1996, it has been a key part of our business and we remain proud leaders in this area.

Today, data centres are evolving to meet the IT demands of the modern workplace, shifting toward higher density through optimal resource utilization and better management. This transformation is taking form in the virtualization and convergence of infrastructure, resulting in a software defined data centre and process optimization enabled by service-oriented IT. Our expertise extends to servers, network and storage components, including their management software.

At TeraMach, our Data Centre approach combines these elements to offer a robust solution.   Emphasizing the alignment of business and IT through the creation of service catalogues, as well as service automation, delivered in a software defined data centre, our solutions go unmatched. Software defined data centres are enabled by virtualization across the server, network, and storage layers resulting in increased efficiency. That’s the TeraMach difference.

Data Centre Solutions

TeraMach’s Converged Infrastructure (CI) solutions are purpose-built and designed to handle workload requirements with speed and efficiency. Integration across server, storage and networking make these systems easy to buy, deploy, and manage. They ultimately reduce cost and risk for faster time-to-value.

Our Converged Infrastructure solutions include: NetApp FlexPod, Nutanix, EMC VSPEX, VCE VBlock, HP VirtualSystem, Dell ActiveSystem and HDS UCP Pro/Select.

Cloud Management Platform

TeraMach’s Cloud Management Platform solutions are integrated products that manage public, private and hybrid cloud environments. These products and services help TeraMach clients incorporate self-service and provisioning, enable metering and billing, and provide for workload optimization through established policies.

We also provide more advanced offerings that integrate with external enterprise management systems, include service catalogues, support the configuration of storage and network resources, allow for enhanced resource management, and provide advanced monitoring for improved performance and availability.

Our Integrated Data Management (IDM) solution is optimized for storing and protecting enterprise data through integration between storage devices with backup software. This results in a lower Recovery Point Objective (RPO), Recovery Time Objectives (RTO), and more consistent backup sets.  Clients are able to achieve their business requirements while limiting risks associated with faulty backup media, and reducing costs (due to minimizing the amount of storage media consumed by backups).

In business terms, IDM enables customers to meet their business SLAs while reducing the overall cost of protecting their data.

Service Catalogues for IaaS or PaaS

Service catalogues form a basis for delivering and architecting IT services, by outlining services and service level criteria used for defining service levels. With public cloud services becoming a real alternative to internal IT services, service catalogues are a necessity for identifying which services could or should be moved to the cloud. In addition to providing our clients with a tailored service catalogue that aligns with their customers’ requirements, TeraMach can also provide pricing models and showback/chargeback strategies.