As enterprise application technologies continue to emerge, businesses are able to increase their level of productivity and reach new heights. At the same time, these applications drive the most frequent requirements for IT solutions.

As technology solutions continue to develop and evolve, applications such as PeopleSoft, SAP and SAS are becoming more ubiquitous, entering the SMB markets. These data-centric enterprise applications must meet stringent requirements for security, administration, and maintenance.

Our approach offers customers the best way to modernize and standardize their applications to run within an unified application architecture framework that accelerates application transformation, enhances application security, and enables application integration.

TeraMach’s Application Solutions improve business results for our customers through better lifecycle management, and increased performance, security, and scalability.

Applications have gone through a large evolution and there have been significant changes. Application modernization is the core of every Data Centre transformation and has been driving up the demand for open standards including open sources and open stacks.

Application Solutions

Document and Content Management

TeraMach’s Document and Content Management Solution offers a proven design and implementation methodology to reduce time and costs associated with the installation, base-line configuration, and testing of an enterprise Electronic Document and Record Management System  (EDRMS) platform. This provides a governed and managed repository for trusted information. Our solution and services include:

  • EDRMS (GCDocs) Fast Track Solution and Service
  • EDRMS (GCDocs) and SharePoint Integration Solution and Service
  • EDRMS (GCDocs) Data Migration Solution and Service

Application Transformation

Application transformation is the re-factoring, re-purposing or consolidation of backoffice applications to align them more closely with current business needs. Our 3R approach encompasses:

  • Relocate – involves physically migrating the application to different hardware or a virtualized platform
  • Re-Platform – involves enabling the application to run on a different runtime environment (e.g. from Unix to Windows or RISC to Intel)
  • Retire – involves removing the application from operations through rationalization, consolidation, or lifecycle process

Application Security

Application security solutions measure the security gap of an application or the underlying system (vulnerabilities) through strategic deployment of “application-aware” technologies. Our solution and services focus on workload optimization, identify management, cryptosystem and integrated network security.

Enterprise Application Integration Platform

Application integration is a framework composed of a collection of middleware technologies and services to enable integration of systems and applications across an enterprise. Our solution and services ensure that information in multiple systems is kept consistent, compliant to business policies or rules and delivers best possible end-user experience.

Our Applications Partners

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