Providing professional services is core to everything we do.

TeraMach has assembled the best-qualified talent in the IT industry, including dedicated senior technology consultants and engineers, to offer the best combination of professional experience, specialized knowledge, and creative problem-solving for our customers’ IT projects. Our methodology ensures that projects are scoped correctly, and that all team members understand their deliverables and how they fit into the bigger picture.

The TeraMach Professional Services Approach – A.I.M.

Our advisory services include assessment, strategy, and cost analysis. With this foundation, we build a results-oriented list of recommendations, supported by a strategic, tactical, prioritized action plan to improve IT effectiveness.

Advisory Services:

  • Storage
  • Backup
  • Virtualization
  • Network
  • Security
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Readiness


  • Creation of business and technical requirements document for infrastructure teams
  • Visibility into existing storage environments including topology, capacity, licensing, support, configuration and management tools
  • Identification of configuration, capacity, performance and disaster recovery risks
  • Recommendation of steps required to address identified gaps
  • Roadmap to bring the environment into compliance

TeraMach’s implementation services fall into two main categories — architecture and deployment.

Architecture: Our architecture services create a customized reference architecture that aligns business and technology requirements for storage, backup, data network, network security and cloud solutions.

Deployment: Our deployment services finalize all design elements, plan the deployment of a solution, and then execute and test against the plan. These deployment services are also for storage, backup, data network , network security and cloud solutions.

All of our implementation services include a knowledge transfer component so that your staff are ready to use the new environment immediately.

Implementation Services:


  • Storage
  • Backup
  • Network
  • Security
  • Cloud


  • Storage
  • Backup
  • Network
  • Security
  • Cloud


  • A scalable architecture, which meets current and future capacity, and performance requirements
  • Reduced operational costs through simplified management and automation of tasks
  • Reduced vendor lock-in by leveraging software-defined architectural principles
  • Lower cost of ownership through the use of modern technologies and convergence
  • Cloud technologies and integration
  • Seamless transition from existing virtualization products to the new environment
    Enhanced security and risk avoidance

TeraMach’s managed services provide additional support after a solution has been deployed, and can range from basic service desk support to in-depth subject matter expertise.

Using a subscription based model, our subject matter experts monitor your infrastructure, alert you of risks and provide assistance with troubleshooting.

Here’s a look at our entry, comprehensive and premium managed service offerings:

Support Service Offering

  • Identification of issues that may impact performance or service availability
  • Identification of knowledgebase articles to assist with resolution
  • Escalation of issues to client for resolution


Extend Service Offering

  • Identification and resolution of all issues by TeraMach resources
  • Proactive generation of capacity management and forecasting reports
  • Weekly metrics analytics dashboard


Operate Service Offering

  • All the service offerings included in the Extend Service Offering
  • Complimentary health checks to assist with identifying potential issues and opportunities for optimization
  • Comprehensive reporting on the overall health of a client’s environment



  • Removal of tactical operations from internal IT resources, enabling them to focus on more strategic and proactive activities
  • Assistance in reducing unplanned outages through proactively monitoring and identifying potential issues before they negatively impact service operations
  • Completion of capacity management and forecasting to assist organizations’ in determining whether IT resources are right-sized to meet current and future business requirements

For additional information on TeraMach professional services, contact us at or call us at 1-877-226-6549